Here’s what you can expect from Team Louie:


Every sale starts with Team Louie coming to your home for a free consultation. We take an inventory of the items you want to sell and assess the feasibility of a sale. If we don’t feel you have enough content to produce the financial results you want, we will let you know. This is rare, but it happens. After determining a sale is viable, we explain our services and commission structure; have you review the contract; then set a date for the sale.


It’s important that you get full value for the merchandise you’re selling. It would be easy to sell something by putting a below-market price on it, but that’s not our style. We have expert appraisers on our team with years of experience pricing household goods, antiques, collectibles, china, glassware, furniture, jewelry, and clothing. One of our team members is actually an authority on sports memorabilia! But if you have something we’re not well versed in, we’ll bring in an expert at our expense. Remember, our fee is commission-based. We shoot for a sell-out every time!


Staging is an ongoing process. It starts with Team Louie cleaning and dusting most of the items in the sale, from china and jewelry to furniture and collectibles. Some items, such as garden tools, may be sold “as is.” Then we organize the items according to category and display them in an attractive way. While many items are fine in their natural setting, we also use shelves, tables, and display units as needed, making sure that everything is well lit. We pride ourselves on being experts at staging and that includes adjusting and rearranging as possessions sell. No matter how many or how few items are left, we make sure that every person who attends your sale enters and leaves with a positive impression.


We don’t know of anyone in the business who advertises as frequently and efficiently as Team Louie. Obviously, we put our signs in the ground throughout the duration of your sale. We promote your sale on, EstateSales.NET, Facebook, Instagram, and many other social media outlets. We also have our own email list with hundreds of loyal customers who love to be notified whenever we have a sale. When all is said and done, we mail you a check within five business days.

Post-Sale Disposal

When your sale is over, we consolidate the unsold items in the home to make it easier for disposal. Most clients choose to donate any unsold items to charity. If that’s your preference, Team Louie will make all the necessary arrangements. If you require complete clean-out services, we will be happy to quote a fee for removing the unsold, undonated items and cleaning your home.

The Process:

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